Support for artists from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

You are an artist fleeing the the war in Ukraine or political suppression and prosecution in Belarus or Russia and seeking help? You work in the creative industry and want to help? You want to donate to projects supporting Ukrainian artists or support Ukrainian artists in another way? – Here are some resources, that might be helpful!

Resources for artists fleeing the war in Ukraine or political suppression and prosecution in Belarus or Russia and seeking help in:

Germany: Students, professional artists, dancers

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Estonia Finland France Georgia Greece Hungary Italy Latvia Lithuania Netherlands Romania Poland Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland

Other helpful resources – Here

I work in the creative industry and would like to help! – Click Here

I would like to donate to projects supporting Ukrainian artists or support Ukrainian artists in another way – Click Here

Germany: Resources for art students

For whom? Refugee artists and their families from Ukraine

What? Contact point between refugee artists and the cultural scene in Baden-Württemberg, further contacts, initial helpline, intercultural support

For whom? Ukrainian scholars in the historical sciences (also art history)

What? Program to study at the university for six months

For whom? Art students who have fled from the war in the Ukraine

What? Unbureaucratic admission as guest students

For whom? refugee students from Ukraine in the subjects Architecture, Design, Arts, Conservation, Art History and Art Education

What? Continuation of studies as a guest student, as a visiting student or as an enrolled student

For whom? Ukranian Design Students

What? exchange study opportunities in English

For whom? Ukrainian art students fleeing from the war

What? Uncomplicated procedure for admission to the University of Fine Arts

For whom? Ukrainian students in the fields of book design/Graphic Design, Photography, Painting/ Printmaking, Media Art, Art theory

What? Uncomplicated registration for a guest studentship

Germany: Resources for art professionals

For whom? Performing artists who had to flee from Ukraine

What? Contacts and information

For whom? Ukraine Scholars

What? Scholarship and temporarily accomodation in museum apartments

For whom? One Ukrainian refugee artist (with partner or child)

What? Emergency residency months of April and May 2022

For whom? Ukrainian artists (and Russian dissident artists

What? Artist residencies with opportunities for paid professional engagements beginning in May 2022

For whom? Art professionals from Ukraine

What? residency and work studio in march (probably longer), help with bureaucracy, translation, projects, resources

For whom? Ukrainian dancers and artists

What? Double and single rooms for free, supportive connection to local dance artists

For whom? 12 Ukrainian artists

What? Financial support for 5 months and accommodation if necessary

Application only by institutions (proposing artists) not by artists themselves 

For whom? artists and children from Ukraine

What? Offering the services of the 13 youth art schools, studios and workshops, free of charge

For whom?  artists of the performing arts from Ukraine

What? Use of work opportunities, support in project development, room for presentation, funding program incoming April 1st to August

For whom? 3 Ukrainian FLINT* artists with their families

What? Hosting for one month for free, between March-June.

For whom? artists, DJs or journalists

What? Studio time & equipment use, community assistance

Germany: Resources for dancers

For whom? Choreographer/dancer from the Ukraine

What? One residency including scholarship, use of the K3 studios, help in finding accommodation Up to 6 months

For whom? Refugee dancers

What? Support, help in finding accommodation, access to ballet class and training, advice for audition processes


For whom? Ukrainian artists  

What? Platform connecting the cultural workers from Ukraine with institutions, individuals and initiatives in Austria

For whom? Art students from Ukraine

What? Fifty special study places


For whom? Ukrainian and all other non-EU passport-holding art workers and students who are forced to leave Ukraine and who would like to pursue their studies in the curatorial field

What? Application priority track for their one-year postgraduate programme in Curatorial Studies


For whom? Film industry professionals from Ukraine

What? Accommodation and work

Czech republic

For whom? Artists from Ukraine

What? Temporary accommodation in Prague. Free of charge

For whom? Ukrainian students, academics and families

What? Accommodation in their dormitories and special scholarships, art programmes at the university


For whom? Ukranian artists, incl choreographers

What? Resources, Jobs, Shelter

For whom? Ukranian artists, incl choreographers

What? Three Emergency Artist Residencies (One small room per Family) April – June

For whom? Art students fleeing from Ukraine

What? Accommodation and study possibilities, Housing organized for spring semester 2022. Study programmes mostly in English or Russian.


For whom? Artists displaced due to the war in Ukraine (individuals and families)

What? Residencies and accommodation, short and long stays in Mynämäki and Helsinki


For whom? Children and youth from conflict-affected areas, affected contemporary artists or cultural professionals

What? Art programmes to help children adapt to their new environment, temporary shelter

For whom? Ukrainian and Russian artists

What? Hotline, that you can call and get help and information

For whom? Ukrainian artists

What? Information, contacts, help


For whom? Ukrainian artists

What? Funding for their residency program, Funding of 2 Ukrainian artists for their workshops, June – September. Duration from 2 weeks – 1 month.

For whom? Artists and art professionals who had to flee the war

What? Art residency and accommodation, flat in central Tbilisi free for up to six months


For whom? Artists needing refuge from Ukraine

What? Space in Athen


For whom? Refugee design and art students

What? Housing and food in Campus dormitory, Opening courses

For whom? Students who had to interrupt their studies due to the war

What? Registration platform for courses, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts. Study programmes in English and Hungarian

For whom? Two Ukrainian artists or curators (and their families)

What? Free accommodations, stipendium and material grand In April and May


For whom? Researchers, museum curators, and art critics from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

What? Art History Fellowships Up to one year

For whom? Art historians, heritage scholars and professionals at risk

What? Fellowships


For whom? 4 Ukrainian artists

What? Studio, living space, providing support and materials. Free of charge. 4 artists in March, 4 artists in April


For whom? 2-4 artists/with partner or family

What? Emergency residency in Vilnius City, space and dance studios For free at least 3 months

For whom? artists with their families

What? Space and study courses

For whom? 3 Ukrainian artists and families from the war zone

What? Emergency residency, Free accommodation, food, materials 1 month between May – August

For whom? Up to 400 students and 50 lecturers/ researchers fleeing the war

What? Study opportunities, Art programmes at the university


For whom? Art students and researchers fleeing from Ukraine

What? Priority track for application Deadline 03 April 2022


For whom? Museum specialists from Ukraine

What? Temporary work contracts


For whom? 2 Artists from Ukraine

What? Art residencies Stay as long as necessary, for free

For whom? Artists in danger from Ukraine

What? Scholarship program One-time intervention scholarships in the amount of 5.000 Zlotys

For whom? Designers and curators from Ukraine

What? Accommodation and salary 1 month with possibility to extend

For whom? Ukrainian artists

What? Welcome people seeking shelter at their local centers for creators, working on launching a long-term financial assistance

For whom? Ukrainian designers, animators, vfx artists

What? Connection to VFX companies, help


For whom? visual or interdisciplinary artists, curators, researchers from Ukraine

What? three-month residency from April till June 2022 in Košice, opportunities for life and work


For whom? young musicians from all over Ukraine

What? Ukrainian MUSIC CAMP in Ljubljana: day to day music lessons, master classes, leadership workshops, an orchestra academy, chamber orchestra academy and concerts

For whom? Ukrainian designers

What? Office spaces


For whom? One Ukrainian visual artist, illustrator, writer or musician

What? Private room and studio access free of costs Stay up to 3 months


For whom? Artists affected by the war

What? Emergency Studio and accommodation Available immediately from March to the end of May. Duration flexible.


For whom? Art students from Ukraine

What? Continuation of studies as visiting students, extramural observers, students

Other helpful resources

I search for employment in the creative sector in Poland and Europe: Architects & designers for Ukraine

I am an artist or cultural worker from UKRAINE and need emergency temporary relocation and hosting: Artists at risk

I am a BELARUSIAN or RUSSIAN DISSIDENT artist or cultural worker subjected to persecution or political threats and need emergency temporary relocation and hosting: Artists at risk

I am an artist or cultural worker who stayed in Ukraine and need immediate financial support for basic needs: Kyiv Biennial emergency support initiative

I am an artist in exile and need funding: Aid A (Aid for artists in exile)

I am an artist under threat and look for fellowship grants and host institutions: Artist Protection Fund

Instagram account with offers of residency, funding or anything for Ukrainian artists in need: forukrainianartists__

Emergency aid up to 200€ for artists still in Ukraine and in need of immediate financial support: PeaceforArt

Database of more than 800 artists and human rights organizations with resources for persecuted artists: Artists at risk connection

Funding for art projects by Ukrainian artists, curators and cultural players in any artistic field: PeaceforArt

I work in the creative industry and would like to help!

I can host UKRAINE-related artists and cultural workers at risk: Artists at risk

I can offer employment in design companies: Architects & designers for Ukraine

I can employ Ukrainian art students searching for an internship: New Media Arts Faculty for Ukraine 

I can hire Ukrainian creatives affected by war: Community Better Us

I want to help saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online: SUCHO

I need funding in order to temporarily host artists and cultural actors, provide scholarships and a free and safe space for them: Martin Roth Initiative

I work in a german dance institution and can offer participation in trainings: Help Dance

Funding for projects supporting independent, alternative, and trusted European (digital) media, providing safe cultural spaces for individuals, , counteracting forces of fragmentation through artistic and cultural expressions, that act for a peaceful future of Ukraine and Europe: Culture of Solidarity Fund

Donating to projects supporting Ukrainian artists and supporting Ukrainian artists in another way

Initiative for Ukrainian artists in need: #artistsinshelter

Support for filmmakers in Ukraine: Filmmakers for Ukraine

Support for critical writers, journalists, academics and cultural activists: PEN Zentrum Deutschland

Petition in support of culture in Ukraine: European Theatre Convention

Supporting Ukrainian artists and creators by digital downloads, direct donations, and crowdfunding: list by the GEEKiary

List of Ukrainian artists you can uplift and support: list by nftnow

Compilation „Sounds of Survivor from Ukrainian Underground“: SoundsofSurvival

Support for the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine: Bundesjugendorchester

Support Music Camp for Young Ukrainian Musicians: Slovenian Youth Orchestra